Frequently Asked Questions

How long do worship services last?

The Worship Service lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

What should I expect on Sunday?

Our members and guests come from all walks of life, nationalities, multiple ethnicities, various demographics, all partner preferences, new Christians, life-long Christians from a variety of denominations, and even those seeking Jesus for the first time in their lives. We are proud Gretna UMC strives to display the true diversity of the Kingdom of God that Christ intended for us all. We promote connecting diversities to a lifestyle devoted to Jesus in everything we do. On Sundays, you would likely share our worship experience with many people who may look like you and have a lot in common with you, and many others who may not. It's what diversity is all about. A love and yearning for Jesus in each our lives is all we need in common. We have members, non-members and guests worshipping with us every Sunday and celebrating Jesus together. All are welcome, so invite a friend, a family, a neighbor and a community. We hope to see you Sunday.

What should I wear?

The normal dress on a Sunday varies form jeans with a t-shirt to a coat and tie for men and jeans or pants with a shirt to a nice dress for women, and everything in between. We never want a strict dress code to deter anyone from experiencing the love of Christ. Wear whatever is comfortable for you on Sundays so you can focus on why you are there, which is to praise, worship, and love Jesus together with us.

Where do I park?

Guest parking is available and is marked with signage. We also have handicapped parking. All of our parking is located behind the sanctuary. You enter the parking lot by turning into the parking lot on Whitney Avenue.

What special programs are available for children?

On Sundays We have a nursery for children 3 and under that is avaialble during the worship service and during the Impace Hour. Please ask an usher or greeter for assitance in locating the nursery. Children's classes are guided by Twila Stevenson and the Children's Ministry. This energetic group meets each Sunday morning for the 9 AM Impact Hour. Every child is welcome to join.

Am I expected to give money if I attend?

No. We want all of our guests to open their hearts to Jesus to explore and seek Him in their lives and to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ. Only when someone decides to make a committment to join our church as a member do we formally invite them to prayerfully support the ministries of the church through the giving of God's tithe and our offerings. We promote a culture of joyful voluntary givers who give back to God out of genuine love and thanks for God's grace and the Good News of Jesus Christ in each of our lives. Your decision to give and how much to give is a decision between you and God through prayer.